Easiest remote IT support you’ve never heard of.

It’s simple. First, you purchase hours. Then we connect to your computer to fix your issues and deduct time (to the minute) for your purchased hours. No hard to hear accents. No trickery. No rounding up hours. No confusion. Let’s get you fixed up now!

We do a great job.

Our goal is to not only fix your computer but to educate you in keeping your own hardware and digital assets safe from all threats. A more educated user is a safer and more secure user.

Download Here.

Use one of the download links and install our remote support platform. We can only connect to your computer with your consent.

Request Support.

Run our application and create a support ticket. Provide your name and a description of the problem.

Pay for time.

We will reach out to you and assist you in purchasing hours (unless you have them) and will schedule a time to remote-in!

Give us temporary access.

Once a technician is available, they will send a support request to your computer. Click “accept” and they will get to work.

We fix everything.

Virus removal, hardware diagnostics, email configuration, firewall, and even network configuration. Everything is looked at!


If you are happy with your support, please share the love to anyone else that needs assistance. If not, please let us know how we can make it right!



Buy hours and get charged by the minute. Don’t use it all? Save it for the next time! Your purchased time never expires.

Remote Monitoring

$20 month/device

Remotely monitors and protects 1 device to make sure it stays running smoothly. Avoid tech support altogether, as we keep an eye on it for you. *Includes Antivirus.

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